Celebrating Teachers on the 20th anniversary of Foothill Tech

The end of this year will mark the finish of the 20th school year at Foothill Technology High School (FTHS). Much has changed since the school was founded in 2000; teachers and administration have come and gone, the school once without athletics now has various successful and high ranking teams, the number of classes, clubs and programs has skyrocketed and yet, much has remained the same. Why? Because enthusiastic teachers at FTHS have created this unique environment that approximately 1,000 students each year call home. They have designed an atmosphere where differences are encouraged rather than prohibited, where high school is more than textbooks and lectures, where students are put first. Many things have changed about this high school in the past 20 years, but thanks to our teachers, what we have come to know as this Foothill spirit has remained alive and will continue to thrive for years to come. 

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