Dragon Talks 2019

What do you think?

Claire Renar ’19: Cinematography

Bryan Sturm ’19: Applications of Game Design

Paris White ’19: Something about eggs and ovaries

Yoanna Soliman ’19: Welcome to America

Annika Kinnaman ’19:The importance of sadness

Ian McEwen ’19: Nuclear Power

Darren Wu ’19: Anti-intellectualism in democratic society

Hugo Lopez ’19: K9 and handlers’ bond

Abby Sourwine ’19: Women who ball

Ryan Sequeira ’19: Anti-vaccination, psuedoscience in effect

Jocelyn Hernandez ’19: Why you can’t judge a book by it’s cover

Mikkah Mcclure ’19: Music, apparently good for more than our ears

Lauren Saenz ’19: Categorizing Minorities

Dillon Gallagher ’19: Appreciating the little things in life

Trinity Durburow ’19: In plain sight

Lauren Kearney ’19: The disadvantage of genetic advantage

Manny Brizuela ’19: I don’t sleep I dream awake

Bailey Dent ’19: The rock ‘n roll revolution

Jaycee Seiler ’19: Harmony of the spheres

AJ Masmela ’19: How Athleticism affects child development