News Brief: Tacos incentivize testing for juniors

Bella Bobrow


Today at lunch, the entire junior class was invited to receive a free plate of tacos as part of the Associated Student Body (ASB) “Tacos for Testing” initiative. The juniors will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test next week, commonly known as the SBAC.

Many of the juniors also took the AP United States History and AP Language and Composition tests earlier this month, and several will take the SAT in early June.

Chad Talaugon ‘18 felt that the tacos were a good incentive for good performance on the SBAC, because the scores ultimately will only reflect on the school and won’t affect an individual student’s educational career.

“It feels kind of like an incentive to try, an incentive to not do nothing for the SBAC,” Talaugon said. “I’m tryna get some bean tacos.”

“I’m not looking forward to SBAC, but it’s nice that the school rewards us for it. It feels like they appreciate what we’re doing,” Olivia Gaston ‘18 said.

Most juniors mentioned that they were also making an effort on the upcoming SBAC for a chance to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. They will only be able to go on the trip if their test scores are higher than the Class of 2017’s.

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