Chelsea Wisenbaker ’07: Fond memories of Foothill begin with friends

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Chelsea Wisenbaker ’07: Fond memories of Foothill begin with friends

Branden Padilla

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Chelsea Wisenbaker (formerly Chelsea Keating), Class of ‘07, had nothing but happy experiences at Foothill, and misses it to this day. She was very involved in the AmEx program and founded Art Club. 

“I got involved in the National Art Honors Society, which I think was just referred to as Art Club, but I remember getting the rainbow tassel at the end of graduation. It kind of happened by accident my friends and I had art with Frazier right before lunch, and lunch would happen and we’d just stay in his classroom, and we called it Art Club. I participated in the art shows and made paper mâché sets for Ventura Ballet with Frazier and some other art students.” 

Alumna Chelsea Keating's senior portrait.

Alumna Chelsea Wisenbaker’s senior portrait.

She was also an AP student and admits to being a little crazy about it. “I did the American Experience classes which was just insane. We were insane, I’m sure AmEx kids are still crazy.”

While being very involved academically, Wisenbaker and her friends never wasted a moment to have fun.

“My social group was mostly Foothill students and we would spend our weekends at the beach and having bonfires, that was really cool. Lots of bonfires… Prom was memorable. It was at City Hall and I went with Austin Tobar, who was the ASB president at the time. Winter Formal, I went with a friend, Josiah Guzik, and we ended up just staying at In-n-Out the entire time. Honestly most of my memories took place in Frazier’s class or Geib’s.”

From her time away from Foothill the atmosphere has changed drastically, from even more kids to fewer clubs. “There were only 800 people when I was there, and there was hardly any room. When you were changing classes you would always get pushed up on the steckle wall and I would always scratch my arms on it.”

She said the Christian Club used to be a huge deal back in ‘07. “The Christian Club was huge when I was there. I remember showing up to school one day and the entire club had joined together to form a prayer circle around the school. There was a ton of people.”

Wisenbaker also added sports were a thing at Foothill, as Buena and Ventura players would wear their jerseys on game day. “We definitely didn’t have sports so on game days you’d see students in Buena or Ventura jerseys. Whenever they played each other that was always a big day at Foothill because you would have both teams like in the halls together.”

Wisenbaker's baby photo in the yearbook.

Wisenbaker’s baby photo in the yearbook.

After graduation, Wisenbaker went to UC Santa Cruz and after moved to LA. “I went to UC Santa Cruz, which wasn’t my first choice. I really wanted to go to UC Santa Barbara, but I didn’t get in and I don’t know why. I worked my butt off in all of Geib’s AP classes, but anyway it turned out to be the best thing ever. Santa Cruz totally chose me, I fell in love with it. It was the perfect school for me, I studied anthropology and graduated a year early because I wanted to travel, which I did.”

She credits Foothill to her success and achievements she’s made, saying Foothill really prepared her. “It’s crazy how prepared I was for college. My first year of college was easier than my junior and senior years at Foothill.”

“I went to Africa and hitchhiked for a bit and actually ended up moving back to Santa Cruz because when I graduated it was in the middle of the recession, and there weren’t many jobs available,” she said. “I felt like I needed to spread my wings, so I moved to LA with my boyfriend who is now my husband.”

After her move to LA she found a job at the Natural History Museum but later on found herself at CSUN. “I got hired in the Natural History Museum when I came to LA, because I wanted to make use of my degree,” she said. “I found out everyone was right when they said you didn’t make a lot of money from that degree and from that I worked for a non-profit that funded cancer research and that’s how I found myself over at CSUN.”

Wisenbaker is currently applying for her master’s degree in education and policy studies. She currently works at the CSUN alumni relations office and enjoys every minute of it.

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