Wrap-Up: Boys’ water polo defeats Channel Islands High School


Credit: Josh Ren/The Foothill Dragon Press

Joshua Modglin

The Foothill varsity boys’ water polo team “shut out” Channel Islands High School today, with a final score of 11-0.

In the first half of the game, Foothill scored a total of six points, with three points each quarter. The team finished the second half by scoring twice in the third quarter and three times in the last quarter.

Coach David Wallace attributed the win to their strong defense through the entire game, and considered the final quarter critical to securing the shut out.

Foothill’s goalie, senior Paul Byrne, saved 11 goals, keeping Channel Islands’ score at zero. Senior Collin Brown was the top scorer of the game, scoring a total of four goals.

Field player and senior Simon Christie drew an ejection, where a player is kicked out of play for 20 seconds, against the goalie for Channel Islands. This led to a power play, or “six on five,” while the goalie for Channel Islands was ejected from the game. Foothill did not score during the 20 seconds of this six on five advantage.

Wallace was impressed with his team’s performance, but still sees the need for improvement. He believes they need to work on “the time needed to set up [their] plays.”

With the end of another game, Foothill varsity added this victory to their 2-0 standing this season so far.

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