Karina Schink: Carefree crayons


Karina Schink

It was second period. The weather was a bit overcast and I was prepared to have a horrible day. It was one of those days where you just wake up and hate life for no particular reason at all. We’ve all had those days, I’m sure.

 I love my second period class, but I was so ready to be sassy, ironic, and not helpful at all. It was just a word, just a simple word said in a particular way that completely changed my mood and made me smile. I’m not sure who, but someone in front of me shouted with an exuberance and excitement I sometimes forget I once had, “CRAYONS!”

 And there they were, sitting on top of every table, a carton of crayons or colored pencils. It wasn’t that there were crayons that made me happy, it was that these crayons made this other person so happy they felt the need to yell about it.

 Then, as if this wasn’t enough to open my eyes, we had the Renaissance Rally that same week. As we all know, it was Kindergarten themed. It was amazing.

 Right now, I am in the midst of college applications. I only care about the future and the present; there is absolutely no room for the past. I’m sure that is the same for a lot of seniors and maybe even some juniors.

 I’m stressed. I have Senioritis. I want to leave. A lot of us do, but we absolutely cannot forget what it’s like to be a kid.

 There is a lot surrounding us right now to make us forget: Miley Cyrus and her nude wrecking ball, goodbye Hannah Montana, the government shut down, the Taliban threat to try and kill Malala again, and the stress of college and future.

 Sometimes it seems like everything sucks. I’ve been there and I know my friends have been there. We can’t focus so much on work or school or college that we forget how to smile, laugh, and draw with crayons.

 I want to see people, particularly high school students, myself included, have fun again. Run through the fountains at the front of the mall. Wear a onesie and sleep with a Teddy Bear. Laugh at yourself. Suck lollipops and lick ice cream cones. Watch Disney movies. Get back up when you fall and skin your knee because running was so much more fun and worth the pain. Skip, jump, leap, and bound.

 Don’t resist the urge to draw with crayons and be a kid again, if it’s for a day, an hour, a minute, or a second, just let yourself be carefree.

What do you think?